Dj Spastik started his journey in 1998 with Club 106 on Radio Scorpio where he hosted his own radioshow and organized parties all over Leuven. In 2006 he founded Der Machine, a club where creative people could come together to share their energy. Over the course of the past 2 decades, dj Spastik has played his fair share of parties, including appearances in Club Silo in Leuven and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Currently Spastik plays deep techno music with twisted bass & haunting melodies.




Time is liquid in my head

locked times
conversation with ourselves
human touch absent

timeless sounds
lost in space
sparkle of hope


Vizir radio

Honoured to be invited by Dance Mekanik to have a Spastik contribution on Vizir radio, underground webradio in Paris!

Vizir radio: “Le Coeur is a techno love story straight from the heart of Leuven (BE) based veteran DJ Spastik (Radio Scorpio, Club 106)
The mix is dedicated to a true story about love in all its forms: the lost, the gained, the to conquer love. About true love and the courage to hang on and dare to embrace it. Bon voyage!”



4 variations on a love story

notes from the heart

feelings of hope


Hope is a dope

Floating objects